For over 25 years AMPRO, an Atlanta property management company, has been handling all aspects of leasing and management of investment real estate. Throughout the process, we build long-term, productive relationships with all of our clients, including owners and tenants. Whether you are looking for your next home to rent, or are looking for a new tenant for your current property, give us a call today. Our team of experienced professionals are prepared to relieve you of the burden of owning your property. We will do the following:

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1) Conduct detail property assessment
2) Have all necessary repairs or renovations completed
3) Market the property
4) Screen tenants
5) Collect rent
6) Remit money electronically to your account
7) Online portals allow owners and tenants access to their accounts
8) Regular reports are given on the status of your property

When it comes to selecting tenants, we provide an extensive screening. This includes running checks on employment, credit, and background. These resources are used to ensure that everything is in order prior to signing a lease. In between tenants, we offer continuity of service; this saves the cost of starting over and ensures that all of our transitions are smooth and easy.

Easy communication is one of the keys to AMPRO’s success. We make sure that all parties are informed. Our proactive approach to interacting with both owners and tenants gives us a chance to discover if there are any problems and to handle them immediately.