Owners FAQs

  • How long will it take to rent my property?

    We will provide a rental rate and terms that we think will attract a qualified tenant within 30 days. Some properties lease immediately; while others take longer depending on the market condition. If necessary, modification of the price or terms will be made based on market feedback.

  • How will you advertise my property?

    AMPRO lists properties on several online web sites, classified newspaper advertisements and we post signs in the area to ensure exposure of the rental property.

  • How do you screen the applicants?

    We pride ourselves on placing the right tenant in your property by taking the time to do a thorough screening of the applicants.
    AMPRO uses a multi-tiered screening that cross-references each applicant:

    • Picture ID
    • Credit report
    • Evictions on record
    • Pay stubs for one month
    • Confirm job employment
    • Self employed must provide 2 years tax return
    • Check current landlord reference and residency history

    A thorough screening is crucial to avoid selecting the wrong tenant. The wrong tenant could cost you lost rental income, eviction expense and possible damage to your property. While there are no guarantees from this detail screening, it does significantly reduce your risk.

  • Who collects the rent? When do I get paid?

    The tenant makes all payments to AMPRO. The security deposits and rent are maintained in escrow accounts. Once the management fee and authorized expenses have been deducted then the balance is sent to you electronically or by mail with your monthly statement.

  • What happens if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?

    In our lease, we give the tenant five days grace period to pay the rent on time. On the sixth day a late fee is attached to the account of any tenant whose rent was not received and a phone call is made to the tenant concerning the non-payment of the rent. If the rent is not received by the 10th then a demand letter for rent payment is sent and by the middle of the month, a dispossessory warrant (eviction) is filed in the court system; depending on the circumstances of each tenant.

    When necessary we will go to court for the eviction hearing, get the writ of possession from the court and if applicable, meet the sheriff at the property with an eviction crew to remove the tenant and/or their possessions from the property.

  • What happens if the tenant has a maintenance problem?

    The tenant contacts us to report all maintenance problems. We can be reached 24 hours per day including weekends and holidays. In the management agreement a $400 repair limit is set for non-emergencies which we handle on your behalf. Emergencies are handled immediately to ensure that your property does not suffer any further damage from the needed repair.

  • How much do you charge to manage my property?

    Our management fee can be as low as 5% of the monthly rent collected from the tenant. There is no fee owed while the property is vacant or if there is non-payment of rent by the tenant.; therefore if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid!